How To Configure Different Prices for Different Sessions and/or Rooms

Most of the times a bingo manager will have a separate menu for each of their sessions, as seen on this article.

Sometimes, though, a bingo hall can have such a simple menu that only the one item, such as the Buy-in will vary throughout the multiple sessions. To build a multiple menu in this situation would be counterproductive. To fix that BingoMeNow!!™ powered by Airmenu offers you the ability to have multiple prices for any single item.

The process is very simple and uses the same logic behind building multiple menus for different sessions/dates (this article).

First things first: setup your sessions

Before you are able to assign separate prices for different sessions there must have sessions setup. If you are not sure how to setup a session, visit this article on how to configure sessions times. Any of the variations explained on the article will work with the following instrucions.

Build an Item

After the sessions are setup we must have at least one item on the menu to work on. Remember: any change made on an item will be applied to that item only, whereas any change made on a family will be applied to every item within that family and beyond.

If you need a reminder on how to create and item, read this article.

Time to Setup the Item

When the Item Configuration Panel is accessed (gear icon), the following screen can be seen:

Click the gear icon to open the item configurations pane.
The initial configuration panel display is simple, for the basic needs. The advanced checkbox must be checked to display advanced options.

Then click the Advanced checkbox to reveal the advanced item configuration pane.

On the advanced configuration pane there are several options to explore, but we will focus on the Schedule / Price section, as indicated on the image to the left.

Here we add Schedules, referring to a time frame or a specific session, and to each schedule, a price. By clicking the dropdown menu you can view the current available schedules.

Current available schedules.

Notice the “A Demo Session (Book. Session)” schedule? That is a Session Type configured on the first step. Every time a session is created a schedule for that session will be automatically created.

To create a new schedule, click the New… to the bottom of the menu.

Creating a new schedule.

The Create New Schedule pane will be displayed. Here you must give it a name first.
If this new schedule will include time, check the Time checkbox and select the hour and the week days to apply.

Alternatively you can select Period and mark a specific period with a starting and ending date.


The time, days of the week and/or period options will always refer to when the session is happening. So if you want a schedule to encompass All Friday Sessions: check the Time checkbox, select ON and OFF to the session time, uncheck all the weekdays except for Friday.
With this configuration only the Friday sessions will have that pricing, but all Friday sessions.

Select a Location to apply that schedule to (a location is a Room, or a Seat).

Click the green checkmark button.

The newly created Schedule will be immediately available for selection and automatically selected.

The newly created schedule, already applied.

Now insert a price on the box to the right and it is done.

To add multiple schedules, hit the Add button and select/create a new schedule with the same method.

Important: If you select to schedules that overlap, a colliding schedule notice will pop up and you will not be able to save.

From now on every time a session within that schedule is selected, the item will be displayed with it’s specific price on the menu.