How to Build Menu According to Session Date

Families and Items within BingoMeNow!!™ powered by Airmenu can easily be shown – or hidden – according to the session selected by the user.

This way a manager can easily build a special event menu or change the price of an item based on the day of the week.

Let’s view two different scenarios:

Scenario 1: Build a separate menu for a particular date

To accomplish the building of a menu for a separate date, we start by creating a copy of the main menu.

Now we have two menus. The regular menu (Menu) and the new one, that I called Menu For Special Date.

Before moving to the next step, let’s check our dates and sessions configurations. This should be accomplished first following the instructions on this article.

This example hall plays everyday at 20:00 (8PM) and I’m configuring two special sessions. So I’ll be using Booking Mode: Both.

We have our weekly time intervals set to every day at 20:00. Because one of my special sessions is a Sunday Night Delight and happens at the same time, I have to create a Restricted Time Interval to that particular Sunday, thus blocking the regular Sunday game and displaying only the special one configured on the lower portion of the screen.

Important: Notice how the time for the 6/5 session is set to 20:01 ? That’s to prevent a conflict when blocking that menu, later in the configuration. Whenever there’s a special date with the same play time as a regular date it’s important to add at least one minute of difference so the system can interpret them as separate ones.

Now back to the menu, click the gear icon on the regular menu first. Then find the Schedule / Price section.

Clicking the gear icon will open the item/family configuration pane.
The Schedule/price section. If your configuration panel doesn’t look like this, check the Advanced checkbox.

The Schedule/Price section defines when that item (in this case a family) should be available. Let’s open the dropdown menu to see the options.

Options available under Schedule / Price

The options available may very to your specific configuration. Right now it’s configured to be shown every day, and we don’t want that. This is the regular menu and must be available only on regular days, or every day but only at 20:00.

So we wil create a new schedule and configure it like that. Click on New.

The creation of a new schedule.

Select the time – from 20:00 to 20:00 (we only want it available at 20:00 sharp) and check all days that apply. Then click the green checkmark button to save it. The new schedule will be immediately applied.

The new Regular Days schedule already applied.

From now on the regular menu will only be displayed if the selected time for the session is exactly 20:00. Now we must change the other menu, the Menu For Special Date family. Use the same steps.

Notice the Regular Days schedule created earlier is already available there? Also the two special sessions that we have created on the Configurations area are also there. Every time we setup a special session a schedule is automatically created for that session.

It’s possible to select on schedule, then click Add and select another schedule. That way you can have multiple schedules limiting the display of any item or family, as long as they don’t collide.

Multiple schedules selected.

Now whenever the user selects a date on the front end, only the proper menu will be displayed.

The same method is available for displaying and hiding single items, although doing it by families is easier.

How to Change the Price of an Item according to the Session

The item configuration for Schedule / Price works exactly the same the the family configuration, except you have an additional option: you can change the price per session.

Let’s use the example above and say that our buy-in item for the Flash Afternoon costs $55 and for the Sunday Night Delight costs $75. We will select the buy-in on the Menu for Special Date and select both schedules.

Multiple schedules/pricing for the same item.

Now for each schedule you can type in a price. The item will be exactly the same, but the price charged to the customer will differ based on the date selected.