Bingo Ordering Made Easy!

Welcome to the Bingo Revolution!

From now on there’s no such thing as a full line at your counter. Players will be able to order in advance (figure a week or even more). They’ll hit the counter just to pick-up their pre-ordered packages.

Orders in advance make the life of any Bingo Manager much easier.

You can harness the power of our reporting tools to prepare promotions and last-minute sales to clear out your inventory.

BingoMeNow!! is the first App ever focused on Bingo, built by Bingo People.

Locate your Favorite Venues

Find the nearest location to you and view their menus right on your mobile device, tablet or computer.

Pre-order Your Bingo Packages

We make it easy for your players to order and pre-pay with no waiting in lines at the hall.. 

Do you have bingo discount promotional codes or Bingo Hall vouchers? Use them too!  Don’t have any?  We can help!

Local regulations may apply, please check with your local authority

Play and Win

When your players arrive at the Bingo location their packages are already waiting for them.

This is how you eliminate lines in a Bingo location.

Are you a Hall Manager?

Our software is the most complete solution for offering online reservations and ordering, both on Desktop and Mobile.

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Your one stop solution for Bingo!

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    BingoMeNow!!™ is a platform that allows bingo players to order bingo games, bingo apparel and even food online, live on the App.

    We are the first ever built App exclusively for Bingo Players and Bingo Managers. Our technology can offer you unprecedented control over your inventory and completely change the game.

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