An exciting and creative opportunity for your location to play. Allow your players and staff to follow safety guidelines but enjoy the fun, excitement, and participation in your event.


  1. Contactless payment directly to bingo operator via BingoMeNow!! app via credit, debit, and PayPal.
  2. Drive-In Style.  Play in your parking lot.  No need to leave your car.
  3. Know your sales before the Bingo starts.
  4. Prepare your products in advance for an easy process of your Bingo event.
  5. Open more Games as demand increases. More Tabs, Cards, or other products.
  6. Safety for those most at risk, players, and the Bingo workers.

Game Play

  1. Players buy in advance via BingoMeNow!!
  2. Ball calls are performed from any ball draw method you choose: blower, squirrel cage, deck of bingo cards, or lab-approved RNG.
  3. Numbers are transmitted to players. Operators utilizing loudspeakers, FM Transmitters, Zoom, and inflatable flashboards.
  4. Packages are delivered safely to cars as they arrive.
  5. Players notify their bingo by flashing lights, honking their horn, texting, calling on their cell phone.  You decide which works for your Bingo.

Items to Consider

  1. Would a loudspeaker or FM Radio be viable for announcements.
  2. Should a maximum number of cars be allowed at a given time?  If so, reservations can be implemented on BingoMeNow!! 
  3. Access to lavatories
  4. Food trucks?  Contactless orders and payments can be facilitated to whomever via BingoMeNow!!

Let us show you

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