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• Guidance for Restaurants & Beverage Vendors Offering Takeout or Curbside Pickup (OSHA 4017):

• Guidance for Package Delivery Workforce (OSHA 3998):

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From Nevada Guidelines:

Amend your Written Safety Program to address the potential hazards in each phase of reopening (required for businesses with more than 10 employees) (NAC 618.538).

• Per your Written Safety Program, evaluate new hazards as they are identified and re‐evaluate known hazards to identify any additional mitigation measures needed (NAC 618.540(1)(b)).

Businesses should consider engineering controls, administrative controls, safe work practices, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

• Develop and implement training for employees for any equipment, engineering process, administrative control or PPE required by your plan (NAC 618.540(1)(c)).

• Establish methods for ensuring compliance with the amended safety rules and work practices (NAC 618.540(1)(e)).

• Establish policies and practices that ensure social distancing.

• Establish policies and practices to sanitize common surfaces and encourage hand washing.

• Conduct daily surveys of changes to staff/labor health conditions.

• Address how to serve customers who are sick or in vulnerable populations.

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