How to Add a New Item

To add or to remove an item from your menu, follow these steps:

How to Add an Item

  1. Go to your configurator by accessing
  2. Go do Edit > Menus

3. Go to Menu

From this point on the screen may be different on each hall, according to how it’s configured, but the base process is the same.

4. Locate in which Family the new item should be placed.

Find the right Family to place the item. Families work like folders on a computer and help organize items in your menu on the live app.

5. Click Add Item on the lower right portion on the screen. And then select Item.

Once clicked, the Add Item icon will display a list of item types to be created.

6. Type in the item name. As you type the system will look for other items with similar names and offer some suggestions. Clicking one of the suggestions will allow you to copy or link to an existing item.

7. After typing in the name and hitting [enter], click the gear icon to access the item’s option pane.

8. Fill in items Name and Description. To add an image, click Choose Image and either find one existing or upload your own.

File formats accepted are JPG, PNG and GIF. The preferred size ratio is 1:1 (Square images). If you’re uploading a non-square image, remember to uncheck the Square image checkbox.

Now you have an item with a name, a description, a picture and a price. A PLU/POS Code is optional and will not be visible to players.

9. Check Advanced options to finish the configuration.

10. Within the advanced options, there are several new options. The most used will be Confirmation: OnItem.

It is also possible to limit the maximum quantity of this item on the shopping cart.

11. Hit the green checkmark button and your new item is now almost ready. Click the Save button on the taskbar to commit changes. They will be instantly deployed to the live App.