Scammers are everywhere and on every market. Although some scam types are harder to prevent than others, there are some actions you can take to avoid that and BingoMeNow!!™ is ready to help you. Our system offers advanced reporting and user blocking that will help you keep your bingo safe and your charity funded.

Protection Against Credit Card Chargeback Scams

When dealing with online sales, the most common scam is the Chargeback Scam. This type of fraud involves purchasing good and services online and then filing a complaint with the credit card issuer stating that the customer never received their goods, or they were defective.

Credit card companies will open a chargeback dispute and demand proof from the hall that the good were received. To help dissuade players from trying this scam, we recommend you have your players sign a printed receipt when picking up their orders. You can then use this receipt as proof of delivery with your payment processor.

BingoMeNow!!™ also offers full order receipt flexibility. Any Hall Manager can customize the receipt display template and add relevant information, such as terms and conditions and fraud warnings, as well as a signature line. Fraud warnings can be an effective method to stop players from initiating chargebacks.

As an extra security step managers should demand that the card used to make the purchase is presented and take note of the 4 last digits.

Block New Users from Purchasing

It is possible to block new accounts from purchasing at a hall. Any new accounts created will be on hold until validated by a manager. Once cleared these accounts can purchase without any issues.

Don’t Allow Unknown Users to Pay in Advance

By using groups and access restrictions available to you on BingoMeNow!!™ it is possible to block new users from purchasing until they are validated in-hall. The hall manager has full access to the backend configuration and the power to allow – or to block – customer from paying online.

These customers will be allowed to reserve seats and will be requested to complete transaction in-house. Acting this way creates a mild level of friction and allows hall manager / workers to get to know clients. If there are scammers in your area they’ll most likely not show up at all.

Alternatively it is also possible to limit what can be purchased by unknown users.

Blacklist Users

Finally if you are sure there are some bad people lurking around you can take note of their usernames (emails) and block users from even looking at your hall’s menu. This can be done with a warning to said users or with no warning. They’ll just think something is wrong.

Here’s an article on our Knowledge Base on how to blacklist users.