How to Create a Manager-Only Menu

To create a Family or an Item that’s accessible only to a specific group – the managers – proceed to the Administrate area on your backend.

  1. Access the backend: and go to Administrate.

2. Select User Groups And Privileges

3. Select a user group or create a new one

4. Add the email for the user that must have the access (user must have a BingoMeNow!!™/Airmenu account, otherwise one will be created).

5. Hit OK (green checkmark) and Save. Then proceed to edit the menus and finde the family you would like to give exclusive access to.

6. Click the gear icon to access the options pane for this family then click Advanced to display advanced options.

7. Now with the advanced options section on display, click under Allowed Groups and select the group the should be able to access the chosen family and anything underneath it.

It is also possible do Deny access to a group. That can be useful to create a player blacklist or block certain users from purchasing or accessing certain items.

Hit the green checkmark and don’t forget do save to apply the changes.