How to Apply an Automatic Item only Once

This article will teach you how to apply and automatic item only once per session or per session and seat combination. This is very useful if one wants to charge a single fee and allow customers to come back and add to their purchases or to offer a discount or a freebie that players cannot abuse.

Automatic Items

Automatic items are items that are automatically added to the player’s shopping cart whenever something else is added to the cart.

The Convenience Fee charged by BingoMeNow!!™ is an automatic item.

Automatic items work on a level basis, meaning that automatic items inside families will only be applied to the shopping cart if any other item from that family is manually added by the user. Here’s a graphical example:

On the example to the left, the Convenience Fee will be applied on every purchase made.

If a player buys any of the two buy-in options, the One Time Discount will be applied.

If a player buys any of the items available in the Extras Family the Packaging Fee will be applied.

Those automatic items will be cumulative, meaning if a player purchases a buy-in and a Double Action, for example, that player will see on his shopping cart the Convenience Fee, the One-Time Discount and the Packaging Fee at the same time.

How to Configure and Automatic Item

To configure an automatic item, first access the item’s advanced pane by clicking the Gear Icon on any item and then checking the Advanced checkbox.

Click the gear icon to open the item configurations pane.
The initial configuration panel display is simple, for the basic needs. The advanced checkbox must be checked to display advanced options.

On the lower portion of the Advanced Item Configuration Pane the Automatic section can be found.

Click the dropdown menu to review the automatic item options. Here’s a brief description of them all.

For bingo purposes, the options with choose while navigating will not work, so never select those.

Now the correct option must be selected.

Booking Session | Location and Booking Session

This option will make sure the automatic item is applied only once per booking session for each user or, in the case of the second option, once per seat too.

In the case of Location and Booking Session, if a user purchases multiple seats for the same session, the automatic item will be applied once to each seat for that session.

Booking Session and Repeat | Location and Booking Session and Repeat

With this option will render the item semi-automatic. It will be mandatory, meaning it will be available for the user to add manually and may even allow for multiple purchases. But if the user tries to purchase anything else without first adding the mandatory item, it will be automatically added to their shopping cart.

It is very useful for games where there’s a minimum buy in that every user must have. This guarantees users cannot proceed to checkout without having the minimum buy in.

Automatic Items can be a Charge or a Discount

If an automatic item must be a charge, such as a Fee, it’s value must be positive This is pretty normal.

If an automatic item should be a discount, on the other hand, all you have to do is make it a negative value and that value will be subtracted from the user’s shopping cart.


Beware that an automatic item with a negative value must not be as such that a shopping cart summary will be a negative value, for the system will not be able to process such shopping cart.

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