How to Setup a Section on the Menu

The BingoMeNow!!™ pre-formatted layouts allow for the creation of sections and separators on your menu.

To Create a Section

If not mixed up with separators, a section will have no visual difference from one another on the menu. All items will be displayed.

Sections (families) can be used with or without separators to help with the organization of the backend and also to allow for category oriented promotions and discounts.

To create a new section:

Access the family’s gear icon and check the Advanced checkbox. Then check the Opened checkbox.

To create a separator you must add an Info Item to the section, usually as the section’s first item to serve as a header, and follow the instructions below:

Create a Section Separator

The section separator as Information Item.

To create one of this proceed to your menu or the desired family and create and Info Item. The name of the Info Item will be the Title of your section.

Then click on the gear icon to open up the item configuration panel and check the Advanced box.

Now fill the Description field with whatever description and/or subtitle you’d like to have on the separator. If you want more option, select HTML on the Mode selector to be able to format the text of the description.

For a better user experience and comprehension try to avoid changing the font sizes on the description, though.

After filling the description you must fill the field CSS Class with this snipped of code, verbatim:


This will make this information item is turned into a separator on the menu. Please note that the position of the separator will be relative to the position of the Info Item on your menu configurator screen.

Any images applied to the Info Item will not be displayed.