How to Change the Order of Items in the Menu

Items in your menu will be displayed from left-to-right, top-to-bottom, always. The order in which they appear is defined by their same order in the Backend configuration.

The live menu, with items Blue, Green Yellow and Red in order.

The backend menu, with the same order applied.

If the order on the backend is changed, the same change will be applied on the live menu. To change order, you can click Move/Delete button on the upper right corner (marked by the red arrow on the image above). The icons will animate. You can then click and drag the icons to change their order.

After making the changes be sure to hit Save on the tas bar to commit the changes. The new menu will be instantly available.

How to Delete an Item from the Menu

To delete an item, follow the same process as explained above and click the trash bin icon to the lower right corner of the item you want to delete.

Do delete an item