How to Create a Promotion Code for a Specific Item

If you want to create a promotion with a discount applied only if a specific item is bought, it is possible. Here’s how to do it.

Step #1: Separate the item on it’s own family

The promotional item must be living within the same family it will be applied for. For example: if you’d like to apply a $10 discount on the Buy-In only, and you have three different buy-in packages, all of them must be living in the same family, say Family Buy-In.

That way the discount or offer will be applied only if there’s any item from the Family Buy-In in the shopping cart.

Step #2: Create a Complex Item

Inside the family, create a new Complex item. It’s description will be displayed on the voucher attributed to the customer.

Now click on the gear icon to access the recently created item’s options pane.

Under the Price Calculation field, select partialOrderLargerThan and set the price to the minimum amount necessary to validate the application of the voucher value that will be assigned later.

Example Case:

There are three buy-in packages:
– Pack #1 – $20
– Pack #2 – $40
– Pack #3 – $60

If a player uses the code PromoCode he/she is entitled a $15 discount, but only on the purchase of packs #2 or #3. So the price field for the complex item Voucher must be set to 20 (if the ‘partial amount’, i.e., the subtotal of the items in that particular family, is higher than 20 then the complex item will be applied).

Step #3: Create the discount item

Now, click the Complex Item to go inside it, and create a new item. This new item will be the actual discount amount applied, so you can name it ‘Discount’.

Set this item’s price to whatever discount should be applied. In the example used here the amount is -15, so a $15 discount can be applied.

Inside the Complex Item. Complex Items can behave like a family and hold sub items inside.

This marks the end of the third step, now let’s go to the next one.

Step #4: Create and activate the promotion

Now it’s time to create a promotion, that can be activated by a code entered by the player.

To do that you must head to the Promotions area of your enterprise.

Promotions are made of two parts: a trigger and an offer. Here’s how to configure both:

Fill in the fields accordingly:

Title: The title of your promotion, this will be displayed in the user’s coupons area.
Description: The description will be displayed in the user’s coupons area.
Key / CSS Class: You can live this blank.
Active: YES

Start / End: That’s the period on which the trigger will be allowed to be active. After that period no new coupons will be attributed, but the already available ones will still be valid and usable by the players.

User trigger limit: How many times a single user (a single e-mail address) is allowed to trigger this promotion. Leave 0 (zero) for unlimited (not recommended).
General trigger limit: How many times this promotion can be activated, regardless of who’s activating it. Leave 0 (zero) for unlimited.
Trigger Type: use CODE
Promotional code: this is the word you want to use to activate the promotion. Users will be required to enter that specific word upon redeeming the code. In this example we used BUYINDISCOUNT.


This is what will be given to the customer upon code activation. In this scenario we are giving the user a specific item, named A Voucher, that we have created in the first step.
Start / End: That’s the period on which the offer will be available to players, once activated. After that period any unused coupons will be removed.
Allow accumulate with other offers: YES. This allows for this coupon to be used alongside others on the same purchase.
Offer type: use ITEM
1, is the amount of promotional items applied to the customer upon using the code.
Item: Selected the item created in Step #2.

After all the configurations are made, hit save button to conclude the operation. The new promotion will be displayed in the promotions area.

Click on the promotion to edit it’s details and to view which users have already activated their offers.

You are done! Give the code created to your customers and they can use that to activate the coupon and get their offer.