How to Check Attendance to a Session

There are several ways you can check for attendance to any particular session.

Check Attendance via Orders Panel

This is best suited for the halls using the Seat Reservation feature. Go to View Orders > Detailed to access your Orders Panel. On the upper right side of the top grey bar there will be several tabs, depending on how your hall is configured.

The tabs will change depending on the Hall configurations.

In the example above the tab Bingo Hall is the seat chart, and will display the full seat chart.

The seat chart. Your configuration may look different.

On this chart view you can easily verify which seats have orders. They are marked by a coloured square.

If you click on any seat you can view the details of that seat. At this point all orders made for that seat will be shown together.

The seat detail with all of the ordered items.

On the example above Seat A1 has two ‘Big Pack’ and two ‘Convenience Fee’ ordered.

Check Attendance via Orders Summary / Reports

Another method of checking your attendance is via reports. To access the reports module, go to Orders Summary > Reports. On the reports screen you may see several pre-built reports. Let’s create a new one from scratch.

Click the New Report item on bottom right corner.

New report button.

The report creation screen will be displayed.

Report Details

Title: Title of your report
Default time period: use Current Day (booking)
Include order address and forms: Yes
Include order item forms: No
Include stock: no
Include enterprise details: No
Include inner items: No
Order status: use Include Open

After configuring the report options it is time to add the columns of data that must be pulled from the database. First, click on the Add button on the bottom, then configure the column. For this scenario we will add, in order:

  1. Order Number;
    • Sort – no
    • Group – no
    • Visible – yes
  2. Child location
    • Sort – no
      Group – yes
    • Visible – yes
  3. Booking Date;
    • Sort – no
    • Group – no
    • Visible – yes
  4. Client Email;
    • Sort – yes
    • Group – no
    • Visible – yes

After all the columns have been added, click Save button to create the report. It will be immediately open on the reports screen.

While configuring this report the Default Time Period selected was Current Day (booking). This means this report will pull any orders that have a booking date within the Start and End dates setup on the report screen. This example will pull data from Saturday, May 8th, 2021.

Because on this example there are sessions only on Saturdays, it doesn’t matter that the Start Date is 5/5. Click on Get Data to pull up data and display the report.

All the columns that have been configured are displayed here. On this example report it is important to notice that the Client email field is always the same. This is happening because the same user made all the orders, but each one for a different Child location (the seat/spot).

You can notice that on the columns LegalCheck, checkBuyIn, firstName and lastName. Those columns come from forms associated with the ordering process.

In the lower left portion of the report the total number of entries is displayed, under the # column. That’s the total attendance for this session. Because orders are being grouped by Child location (the seat/spot) only one unique seat/spot will be displayed, regardless of how many orders have been made for that particular seat/spot.