How to cancel (and un-cancel) orders.

Order cancellation happen on the Orders Panel. Simply find the order and click the appropriate command button:

What happens when an order is cancelled?

When you cancel an order on any of the orders panel this actions will happens simultaneously:

  • Order is moved to the History Panel
  • Seat is made available for new orders on that session
  • Inventory used by the order, if any, is restored and made available for sale

What does not happen when an order is cancelled?

BingoMeNow!!™ does not have access the financial accounts of the bingo halls. No refunds will happen upon cancellation of an order on the system.

In order to make refunds you must go to your payment gateway dashboard and find the right transaction to refund.

BingoMeNow!!™ can help you, though, by providing you with the transaction ID. You can find that information in the Orders Summary (Reports) section.

How to un-cancel an order?

If you cancelled an order by mistake the first step is to make it available on the orders panel again. To do this, go to the History Panel and locate the order.

Locate the cancelled order, it is marked with red crossing on the items.

Click the order to open the order window, then click the ‘place back into order panels’ button.

This button will send the order back into the Order Panels so it can be manipulated again.

No back to the order panel, note the checkmark on the order, next to the Cancel button.

This order is still cancelled.

Now click the Cancel button again to remove the checkmark and actually change the order’s status to active (not cancelled).

What happens when an order is ‘un-cancelled’?

  • Seat is made occupied again for new orders on that session
  • Inventory previously used by the order, if any, is taken from the inventory

What does not happen when an order is cancelled?

BingoMeNow!!™ does not keep payment information from your customer. In fact BingoMeNow!!™ doesn’t even have access to such information. Therefore there are no additional charges made in the customers account.

Also the system will override the set flow of orders. This means that if a seat has been occupied again after the cancellation and you uncancel another order for the same seat, they will coexist in the same seat.

Order no. 5 is placed for seat 1 and seat 1 is now occupied.
Manager then cancels order no. 5, freeing seat 1 to be reserved.
Order no. 6 is then placed for seat 1.
Manager un-cancels order no. 5.

Now you’ll end up with two orders on the same seat.

If that happens you may have to move the order to another seat/spot.