How to Test Changes with Bingo Closed

If you want to make changes on the menus and test them while sales are still unavailable to customers, here’s how to do it.

Step #1: Create a closed menu

This step must be accomplished only once, for it will remain present until deleted.

Create a ‘Closed Menu’: go to Edit > Menus on your backend and create a new family.

Name the new family ‘Closed Menu’.

Enter the newly created Closed Menu and add an Info Item.

Info item

Then click the gear icon on the newly created info item to access the options pane, and check the Advanced checkbox to reveal advanced options.

Click Advanced to view advanced options.
Look for the CSS Class and fill it with ClassFamilyTitle.

Give the item a name (such as ‘Closed Noticed’) and fill in the description accordingly. Then look for the CSS Class box and fill with ‘ClassFamilyTitle’.

This will make sure this item is displayed open on the menu as an information message.

Step #2: Hide the main menu from regular users.

Under the main Menu editing (Edit > Menus), you now can view the Menu and the Closed Menu families. Click the gear icon of the Menu to access the item pane and tick the Advanced checkb

Under Allowed Groups, select Owner.

This will prevent this menu, which is your main regular menu, to be displayed to regular users. So when if they reach your hall during the test period all they will see is the closed notice.

Now you can test your bingo’s menus and your players will not be allowed to see it.

Step #3: Remove booking

If your bingo has booking and you are still outside the configured date range for opening up, you must do an aditional step: go to Edit > Configurations on your back end look for the Booking Section and uncheck the two checkboxes related to booking.

Uncheck Allow Booking and Only Allow Booking

This step deactivates the booking your bingo, so upon entering you will not be required to choose a date.


Don’t forget to undo step #2 and step #3, in that order, so your players can see your bingo once it goes live again.