How to Setup Automatic Printing via e-mail address

In order to set up automatic printing of orders you must first find your printers e-mail address. Please refer to your printer’s documentation.

Once you have the printer’s email address, proceed to Edit > Menus and click your main menu flags icon.

On the right bar there are several actions that can be performed, choose e-mail.

On the email action box, type in the recipient’s address (the printer’s email address) and hit [enter].

Now you have to decide when that action must be performed. Click on the Gear Icon of the recently added action to configure that.

The options to consider are:

When ordering – When a simple order is made, without a booking option
When closing – When the order is archived in the order panels
When cancelling – When the order is cancelled in the order panels
When booking – When a booking-type order is made
When preparing booked order – When a booking-type order is within the preparation time (use this when When booking isn’t available – the result is the same)
When activating flag – When activating a particular flag action available in the order panels

Make your selection and then hit the green checkmark button on both screens. Then hit save on the task bar to commit your changes.