How to Obtain API Credentials

To get your API credentials and start accepting credit and debit card payments on BingoMeNow!!, please refer to’s Knowledge Base for updated information:

Once you have both API Login ID and Transaction Key, access Edit > Configurations and scroll down to the Payment Method and Gateways section.

Payment methods and gateways section

Click on the pencil icon to the right of Authorize.NET and fill in the fields with the information provided by

Leave Show bank account option and Sandbox (Test environment) blank.

Attention on the selected division

BingoMeNow!!™ powered by Airmenu allows for the use of different payment methods on different divisions. For example, you could have two parent division, one for Inside Main Hall and the other for Parking Lot, and accept different payment methods (such as cash Inside Main Hall and only credit cards on the Parking Lot).

Before making that change, please verify, on the top portion of the configurator screen, which division is selected.

Should All be selected, the configurations will apply to all of the divisions.