How to Block Sales for a Particular Session

If needed it is possible to skip one or more dates on the regular sessions by using the Restricted Booking Time.

Go to Edit > Configurations and scroll down to the Weekly Time Intervals section, then look for the Restricted Booking Time.

Restricted time intervals

In the above example there are sessions every Saturday at 5PM (17:00). To exclude any particular Saturday (or a range) we click Add to add an interval of time where the App should not display sessions for the users to choose.

A restriction encompassing two Saturdays

In the example above the restriction starts at 5/7 (Friday) all the way to the end of the day on 5/15 (Saturday), thus encompassing two Saturdays. Those Saturdays will not be displayed for the players to select.

If, because of the combination of a Restricted time interval and the Booking time intervals (more on booking times here) a date cannot be found, the Message when there is no booking option will be displayed. This message can be configured at the Glossary.

Message displayed when no booking option is available. This can be configured in the Glossary.