How to Block a Seat

If there’s need to block seats, there are two ways this can be achieved: one can block a seat for a particular session or make the seat unavailable.

Option 1: How to make a seat permanently unavailable.

This option will render the seat unavailable for all sessions. It will not be displayed on the seat selection screen at all.

Go to the Locations section of your Dashboard.

Access Locations

From this point on the screen may vary according to each Hall configuration.

Click the proper room where you want to make the seat unavailable.

Click the proper Room or Division.

Now choose the seat to be blocked and click the upper right gear icon to reveal the seat options pane.

The seat option pane.

Then uncheck the Available box to make that seat permanently unavailable. It will remain that way until the operation is undone.

Option 2: Block a seat for a particular session

Proceed to the Orders Panel, under View Orders, and choose Detailed.

This will open the Orders Panel. To the upper right there’s the Room/Division selector, use that to select the right one before proceeding.

The Orders Panel displaying the Room/Division.

After choosing the division go to the upper left corner and click the gear icon to reveal the Session Selector.

The Session Selector

Choose the date and time of the session you want to block the seat for and click Get Data. That will reload the panel with just the orders for that session.

Alternatively you can choose a start and end date on the calendar selectors. If you would like to block seats on future sessions they might not be available on the Session Selector. When such is the case, use the start and end date selectors.

Then click on any seat to reveal the block option, click yes and that seat will be blocked.

This seat will be then blocked for that particular session. To unblock it, simply click it again for the same session and choose yes again (the question will change).