How to block a Player

If a player is causing trouble it is possible to block him/her by using his/her username. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1 – Create a blocked players user group

* this step might have already been done, so if the User group already exists, this step can be skipped

Access the backend via, then access User Groups and Privileges.

User groups and priveleges

The following screen may look different on your operation. Each box is a User group. Click the “+” icon to the lower right to create a new group.

Create a new user group.

Name the new user group Blocked Users and hit [enter].

The Blocked Users group.

Step 2 – Add users to the Blocked Users group

Now click on the user group to enter it. Notice on the upper portion of the screen the Path Bar. It displays where in the structure you are located right now.

The current path should match the image: User Groups and Privileges -> Blocked Users

Inside the Blocked Users group. It works like a family on the menu (or a folder on a computer).

Click the “+” icon to the lower right of the screen to add a user to this group.

Type in the user’s email. The email must be typed in full and correctly. Once typed the box will display the user name associated with it.

If a user name can’t be found, please check the typed email. Click the green checkmark to add the user to the group.

Repeat the process until all the users that must be blocked are listed.

Don’t forget to hit save before proceeding to the next step.

Step 3 – Add the Blocked Users group to the Denied groups on the main menu

Now it’s time to go Edit -> Menus

Find the Menu and click the gear icon to review the options pane. Check the Advanced checkbox to view the advanced options.

Tick the Advanced checkbox to review advanced options.

Now find the Denied Groups section and select the group that was created on Step 1.

This will make the full menu unavailable to those users, thus preventing them from purchasing in the app.