How to Configure Session Times

To add the session times that will be available for choosing when opening your App, go to Edit > Configurations and navigate to the Booking area.

The Weekly Time Intervals field in the Booking area.

The whole configuration happens on a weekly base, meaning you set up days and hours and they will be repeated on the following weeks.

To start, click the Add button. Then select a time on the On and Off options and the days of the week where that time applies.

Due to the nature of bingo sessions, the OFF option must be set to exactly 1 minute after the ON option.

In the example below the session starts at 5PM (17:00), so we will be using ON 17:00 and OFF 17:01.

Mark only the days of the week that apply. These date/times will be shown on the booking date selector on the App, right on the start of the ordering process.

Each date/time combination must be an entry, and you can have as many entries as needed on the Weekly Time Intervals. So if you have extra sessions on different times, say a session on a Saturday at 8PM (20:00) you should repeat the steps.

Restricted Time Intervals

If your hall plays on irregular times or bi-weekly, or if you will not be playing a particular date, you can use Restricted Time Intervals to avoid a specific date – or range of dates – of being displayed on the session picker.

To do that, click Add on the Restricted Time Intevals area.

Each entry is a time range that will be blocked from being displayed on the session picker, as long as it was there in the first place.

In the example above the hall plays every day at 3PM (15:00). By adding a restriction between 5/4 10:55 and 5/4 16:55 (4:55PM) that particular Monday (5/4/2021) will not be displayed on the session picker.

How to Change the Message when There’s no Booking Available

When a user opens the App and selects a hall, the system will use the current local date/time and apply the Weekly Time Intervals, the Minimum Booking Time, Maximum Booking Time and the Restricted Time Intervals to calculate which session date/times should be available for that user.

If no session is available for purchase at the moment (hall is closed) a message will be displayed. That message can be configured on the Glossary section. Proceed to Edit > Glossary then search for Message when there is no booking option.

Change the message to whatever you like. Once finished, don’t forget to click save on the top bar to commit your changes. Changes will be instantly made available on your live App.